Heavylift Shipping

  • M/V Atlant Svenja
    M/V Atlant Svenja

    7500 dwt., Tweendeck and 2 x 250 tons heavylift cranes, built in 1996 at the traditional Sietas Shipyard by Hamburg, Germany. Loaded with two heavy port cranes on deck.

  • M/V OXL Lotus
    M/V OXL Lotus

    Tweendecker with 2 x 150 tons heavylift cranes and stern ramp for Ro/Ro cargoes. Loading heavy unit. 5100 dwt.

  • M/V Atlant Regine
    M/V Atlant Regine

    7500 dwt. Tweendecker with 2 x 250 tons heavylift cranes. In Cape Town, South Africa.

  • M/V Atlant Frauke
    M/V Atlant Frauke

    7500 dwt. Tweendecker with 2 x 250 tons heavylift cranes. Built at Sietas Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. Loaded
    with heavy project cargo and containers for United Nations.

  • M/V Atlant Frauke
    M/V Atlant Frauke

    Having loaded a heavy supply vessel.

  • M/V Happy Delta
    M/V Happy Delta

    Heavy, long reactor carried with success on M/V Happy Delta from Biglift

  • M/V Happy Delta
    M/V Happy Delta

    Loading a 76 meter long and 552 tons heavy Training Barge in Antwerp, bound for West Africa. Vessel is abt. 17,000 dwt. and equipped
    with 3 heavylift cranes all being combined to lift this over dimensional cargo.

  • M/V Freesia
    M/V Freesia

    Tweendecker with 2 x 120 tons heavylift cranes. Arrival at Yangtze River, China. 12744 dwt.

  • M/V BBC Ganges
    M/V BBC Ganges

    Liebherr cranes booked from Rostock to Mexico. M/V BBC Ganges pictured in the Panama Canal.

  • M/V Anke
    M/V Anke

    M/V Anke with it´s 2 x 80 ts cranes and 1 long hold/hatch of 87 meters on it´s way to the Russian Pacific port Magadan


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