Company Aim



The aim of PROJECT & CHARTERING GmbH is not to be "just another broker". Rather to become one of the leading and preferred brokers within our specialized business of the shipping industry.


To achieve our aim, we continue to service our good clients to achieve their aim. Through our market knowledge, both commercially as well as technically, we seek to create a comfort for our clients and prove that we are the perfect partner for them.


"We start locally and finish globally."


We do not foresee to give any forecasts for the future as we do not hold any crystal ball. Through our knowledge we rather seek to help out shipowners and charterers as well as industrial clients with acting today in the present market which is the field which should be focussed on. Through several years we have been acting in the same field of business and we do not intend to change the basics of our business. Today we can solely focus on our core business and make YOU achieve your goals through our advice and services. As a contrast to others, we do seek to lead the way to success for both small and big shipowners and charterers. From the helping hand of P & C everyone in this business can establish a solid foundation in the very volatile market of shipping. Through the help and support of our business friends which includes YOU, we are getting better in what we do and through your support we will be able to assist you even better.


Martin Birk Jensen

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Mobile: +49 (0) 151 14960305


Yannik Meyer

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Mobile: +49 (0) 151 19448500


Kersten Schacht

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Mobile: +49 (0) 151 64425592


Jan-Hendrik Sibum

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We start locally and finish globally